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Voiage 20mm

Voiage 20mm

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Details / Features:

  • Width: 20mm
  • Afternoon Glamour: Mauve Pink / Light Grey
  • Daybreak: Brown / Beige 
  • Contrast Stitching 
  • Louvers 
  • Calf leather 

Sizes / Fit

38/40/41 mm – Wrist circumference 120mm-170mm
42/44/45 mm – Wrist circumference 140mm-190mm

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  • Fancy a romantic journey?

    The motive of the project was to create something that could complement a timepiece, especially smartwatches, which often give the impression of being technologically advanced but lack warmth.

    Expanding on the concept of time, we reflect on the journeys we have experienced, recalling all the enjoyable moments. But what is the one thing that guided us through these journeys? The auto vehicle was the first that came to mind—not just any auto vehicle, but those associated with elegance, passion, and desire. We asked ourselves, what traits make an auto vehicle desirable?

    After gathering all the qualities that define such an auto vehicle, we aimed to amalgamate them into a compact silhouette in a sharp yet exquisite manner.

Multidimensional Design

Contrasts grace every inch of the strap. Two-tone colors and meticulously deviated stitching were employed to offer a subtle aesthetic with keen attention to detail. Every element of the strap was handmade, ensuring that each piece carries the warmth of the human touch.

Bespoke Silhouette

The sleek shape of the strap lends it a distinguished appearance, while remaining practical for everyday use.

The buckle was meticulously designed from the ground up, crafted with stainless steel to achieve a form that is both well-defined and elegant.


Elegantly Crafted, Effortlessly Chic